Credit Roadrunner is a different type of credit repair service. Our management has been involved in granting and collecting credit for nearly 40-years. We understand the credit industry from both sides of the business. This allows us to know and understand what motivates a creditor to act on your behalf. We also know the credit reporting industry from the inside so we also can help to remove items from your report which are negative.

There are many credit repair companies out there – just google! Why choose us? Because there is a difference! Some of the businesses work out of their homes – how is that better than what you can do yourself? Try Credit Roadrunner and see the difference yourself!

Here at Credit Roadrunner, we deliver the most professional and result-oriented credit repair service in the country. Credit Roadrunner understands that everyone’s credit repair needs are different, and each client will receive a personalized credit repair plan. The plan will be tailored to their situation to get the best credit rating for our clients possible in the shortest amount of time. Credit Roadrunner is licensed and bonded to offer credit repair services and give you peace of mind.


With the experience and know-how that Credit Roadrunner possesses about the credit repair industry, creditors, collection, and credit bureaus, you can rest easy knowing you will be working with an A+ company. Credit Roadrunner will help you to achieve your financial goals in the shortest amount of time possible. We are a credit repair and credit counseling agency with a nationwide network of credit specialists to help improve and advise on any credit scenario.

Our credit repair programs are designed and developed by highly trained credit experts and are put in place

to not only help you fix your credit but, keep it that way. Our program advocates on the behalf of the consumer and advocates your rights to the fullest extent of the law. Having been in the industry for over a decade, Credit Roadrunner knows the ins and outs of the credit repair business to get you the maximum results, in the fastest way possible. Credit Roadrunner offers you Knowledge to not only help improve your credit but also your financial health.


Credit Roadrunner offers a secure, seamless, and effective way to help get your credit score back on order without breaking the bank. Credit Roadrunner offers an inexpensive way to protect your identity, monitor your credit, update and clean your credit profile of, errors, negative accounts, and fraud. Credit Roadrunner will help you to get the maximum credit score possible with all three credit bureaus. Credit Roadrunner is the leading Credit Repair Company in the U.S. Take control of your financial future and let Credit Roadrunner take you to a place that gives peace of mind!

Jeffrey Wachman


Jeff is a published author with the 2016 release of the semi-autobiographical ”Braverman”. His recent ventures include working as CMO for Estate sales by Jonesy, CEO of Next Destination Moving, and now Credit Roadrunner.