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Credit Repair NYC New York

Are you looking for a NYC Credit Repair service that will be able to increase your credit score with the fastest results? Do you want to stay on the right track and be informed about getting to and maintaining a better credit rating? If you have never been sure of how credit works or just had some credit pitfalls and are unsure what credit repair service in NYC, New York, to choose, you’re in luck; Credit Roadrunner is here for you! Credit Roadrunner is here to help you get a better credit score and help all our clients prevent them from making any future mistakes. Our NYC credit repair service also allows our customers to recognize and prevent future credit no-nos. Credit Roadrunner is the number one choice for credit repair in New York

We at Credit Roadrunner credit repair services understand that the need for a credit repair company sometimes can be from things entirely out of your control, such as:
1. identity theft
2. mistaken identity with someone who has a similar name
3. Loss of employment and the ability to pay your bills
4. Divorce
5. Bankruptcy


Credit Roadrunner can help you regain the credit score you once had before after any of these unfortunate incidents. The NYC Credit Roadrunner, a credit repair specialist, will guide you to an even better credit score than before! Credit Roadrunner is a nationwide credit repair and credit counseling company with over 40 years of combined experience in the financial services industry. At Credit Roadrunner, we understand how hard it can be to take control of your credit situation and what steps might be necessary to get to that credit rating you desire. At Credit Roadrunner credit repair, not only do we make the process easy for you but, we inform you along the way because we believe “knowledge is power.” When it comes to your credit score, it’s this power that will save you money on interest rates, get you approved for that car or home you’ve been dreaming of, save you money on car insurance, and even in some cases meaning the difference between getting hired for that dream job!

Once you decide to let us take you on the exciting journey to better credit, we will start disputing negative items from your credit report, disputing incorrect information from your credit report, and disputing credit inquiries you didn’t approve of or should have fallen off your report over time! Our credit repair experts are ready to fight for you and any credit situation, identity theft, late payments, charge-off accounts, repossession, foreclosures, defaults, duplicate accounts, incorrect names or aliases, incorrect address or employment history, items that belong to someone with a similar name, business credit showing up on your credit. If it’s negative and on your credit report, we will dispute it!

Stop paying high interest rates on your credit cards, personal loans, consolidation loans, home loans, or car loans. Bad Credit Can have you paying higher insurance premiums and potentially not getting the job you desire. Call us today for a free credit repair consultation and start on your new adventure to a higher credit score, incredible savings, and all the things in life you dream of!

Is Credit Repair a Gad Idea or Bad Idea?

Anything that will make your life better is a good idea, especially if bad credit holds you back from the many privileges that people with good credit get. Why be looked at like loan companies or car dealerships are doing you a favor when they get you into a car, hand you a new credit card, or get you approved for a loan? Your business is something creditors should be fighting for, not make you fight to get. Credit Roadrunner is here to change the dynamics of your credit situation and get you to a better place for better peace of mind and, of course, better interest rates! Better credit means better interest rates and overall savings!

How do I keep My Credit Good?


The truth is that you can manage your debts on your own; it's recovering from life’s unexpected events that’s the hard part. Let Credit Roadrunner NYC, New York’s Credit Repair Services help you get back on track! With the knowledge you’ll gain through the credit repair processes with Credit Road Runner and some discipline, you’ll have a grip on your finances. Just as important as your fixing your credit is the knowledge, you'll gain that will allow you to maintain the credit score you want!

It's time you get approved for a car loan with a low interest rate, a credit card that you’re not paying for, the privilege of making money, or loans that won’t cost you half of what you borrowed in interest.

“Fix My Credit Myself”

“Fix my credit myself, you say,”? Consumers make big mistakes trying to fix their credit reports and often make it harder for a credit repair company to do the work the right way. If someone is not sure of the proper way of getting derogatory items deleted from their credit report, they should not do it! The reporting agencies will start to reject your attempts as frivolous and ignore them.

Some people may try to give you the advice to do debt settlements, and that’s something we would try to have you avoid, as it can hurt your credit worse and take a longer time to start the recovery process. We at the #1 credit repair company in New York believe through aggressive action on our part and some negotiation on yours; we likely can come up with a better way to get your credit back on track without going that route.

Is Bankruptcy a Good Idea?

Bankruptcy leaves a black mark on your credit report for at least seven years. While it may seem like a good idea at the time, this option does nothing to repair the negative information on your credit report. It can hurt you more in the long run because you will now be paying late fees and higher interest rates for your accounts. In some cases, you can avoid bankruptcy and do other things more conducive to a better credit score.

Tips For Credit Repair

Credit Repair is an unfortunately necessary option for anyone who is falling behind on their bills. But there are so many companies out there advertising themselves as credit repair experts in New York that it can be challenging to know what legitimate and which ones is are not. When selecting one of these companies to help you fix your credit, make sure you research them. Don't simply take the company's word for it. Here are some tips to help you choose the right company for credit fixing.

Credit repair companies are people who fix credit reports. They are to remove incorrect and other things wrong with your credit, so; they should be willing to do a free credit consultation and help you understand better what they plan to do.  

You should be copied on all work done on your behalf when you deal with credit repair professionals; this will allow you to be aware of what they are doing for you and learn from the process as you go along. 

The most important thing to do when beginning a relationship with a credit repair company is to closely look over your credit reports. The credit repair company will help you determine precisely what information is being reported accurately and whether it should be removed.

Your newfound credit repair adventure should be exciting. While you see what’s wrong and what needs to be removed, the credit repair company should help to show you things like the credit utilization part of your reports and help you figure out the best ways; to get that tackled!

Once you've worked with your credit repair company or hired a credit counseling service, they will teach you the way to not only a better credit score but the way to maintain that credit score and make it even better from there! Now it's time to get started!

You Have a Super Power! We Will Help You Access It,
Good Credit!

We know you have a superpower and our goal is to make sure everyone, including you, can access it. You won’t be able to fly unless you get on an airplane or helicopter and you may not be able to run faster than a locomotive, but we promise it will open doors for you.

In society today, the world is becoming increasingly dependent on credit, whether it be for making important financial decisions or just day-to-day purchases; having and maintaining good credit has never been as important. So what is your score? Credit Roadrunner is here to help with credit repair in NYC and the surrounding areas. Credit Roadrunner is the premier credit repair company in NYC and around the country. We at Credit Roadrunner know the higher your credit score the better chances you have at getting approved for all things necessary, but at rates that won't be three times higher than the next person. What does your credit score say about you? To put it in simple terms, a credit score measures one's ability to borrow money from a second party with the promise to pay that second party back within the requested timeframe. You can view your credit score quite simply as your “risk” score. Financial institutions don’t want to loan money out if they are not going to get it back on time. The higher your score the less risk the financial institution is taking by loaning you money and the lower the interest rate will be. The better your score the more power you have and a high score can help open doors for you to a better life. Here are just a few of those superpowers:

Lower interest rates on loans and credit cards.  Why is this important? The lower your interest rate the cheaper it is to borrow money and the easier it is to pay it back. 

Get money when you need it. With a high credit score, it is much easier to get approved for a loan or credit card.

Get more money when you need it. You will be able to borrow much larger amounts of money if needed because you are much more likely to pay it back.

Pay less for auto insurance. That's right, your credit score can affect your insurance premiums as well. 


You can negotiate. “I can negotiate?” You sure can. Financial Institutions like their money to be safe and they want to minimize their risk. You can talk to your lenders about lowering their rates since your credit score is so good. You can contact other financial institutions that will offer you a lower rate and use these as leverage to get the rate you want. 

Alright, so what are the challenges that can occur when you have a low credit score?

More difficult to get a loan.  When you have a low credit score it is very challenging to get a loan and the loan you do get is going to have a much higher interest rate making that money very expensive. 

Much higher interest rates. Because you are a much greater risk to financial institutions you are going to pay a much higher interest rate for them taking that risk. For example, if you buy a $300,000 house with a low credit score you might get a rate of 4.8% or higher. Someone with a much higher interest rate may get a rate of 3.2% or lower. Over 30 years the person with a low credit score is going to pay $99,000 more to pay off their mortgage. 


Tougher time getting what you need. When you have a poor credit score, it becomes more difficult to get utilities, rent an apartment, or get the internet. 

Delays building wealth and saving for retirement. When you have high-interest loans and a lot of debt, it becomes very difficult to build wealth.

These are just a few reasons why working to improve your credit score is so very important as it impacts many aspects of your financial life. 

At Credit Roadrunner, we have spent over 40 years helping those with poor credit to repair and allow their great credit score to become their superpower. We make the process easy and we communicate with you every step of the way. 

All you need to do is call us at 844-59-RUN63 or contact us via email at and set up a free consultation with one of our experienced experts. We want you to be our next testimonial! 

Why Credit Roadrunner

Credit Roadrunner started when the CEO Jeffrey Wachman went through the worst financial year of his life. A bad investment of $300,000.00 and a divorce all in the same year caused him to almost declare bankruptcy. After paying the bankruptcy attorney he was told to stop paying all bills and he was drowning in them. After 90 days when he was supposed to appear in court to have all debt dismissed and in bankruptcy, he decided he could not go through with it. Now having 3 months of late payments and a lot of debt, he started to negotiate with creditors and pay off his debt while fighting and challenging all items on his credit report after extensive research and trial and error he was able to start removing a lot of the negative items, even the ones that were3 factual, based on misinformation being reported and other reasons. After fixing his credit, he started to help others and quickly realized he wanted to help as many people as possible! Credit Roadrunner was born and developed into the best credit repair service in NYC and now around the country! Credit Roadrunner is an affordable credit repair service and one that’s here to help you!

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