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Jeff began working at an early age in sales which, suited his personality. He quickly became a successful night club / nightlife manager. While managing a very popular New York City nightclub, he quickly realized his true talent and skillset was growing clientele and generating and increasing revenue. 

After two years of managing the club, he started a very successful nightlife entertainment company which caught the attention of a multi-million-dollar nightlife group.  He would eventually merge the company with theirs and became the national director and managing partner for the combined entity.   

Jeff is a published author with the 2016 release of the semi-autobiographical ”Braverman”. 

His recent ventures include working as CMO for Estate sales by Jonesy, CEO of Next Destination Moving and now Credit Roadrunner. 

Credit Roadrunner is a project Jeff holds dear to his heart because of credit issues he had before becoming a successful businessperson.   As with any successful career, Jeff made some early missteps which led to his credit being damaged.   As he started up the ladder of success, he also began to try to fix his own credit by getting negative remarks removed.   He found out that doing it himself was not easy and engaged a professional.    Then after he was helped, he took time to research credit repair to the point he is now an expert.   

“There’s a lot of people out there who have problems with their credit reports for different reasons.  Many at no fault of their own.  I know how stressful it was for me to try to fix my own credit and I sure it is the same for most everyone.   With the knowledge that I  have gained my mission is to help others repair their credit.”

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