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How to Fix Your Credit Score in 100 Days!

After years of making poor financial decisions and neglecting my credit score, I finally decided to take control of my financial future. I set a goal to fix my credit score in 100 days or less, and I am ecstatic to say that I achieved my goal!

The first step I took was to obtain a copy of my credit report from all three major credit bureaus. This allowed me to see exactly what was negatively impacting my credit score. I noticed that I had several late payments on my credit card and utility bills, as well as a high credit utilization ratio.

To tackle these issues, I created a budget and made sure to pay all of my bills on time. I also made a point to pay more than the minimum payment due on my credit card to lower my credit utilization ratio. Within a few weeks of implementing these changes, I was able to see a significant increase in my credit score.

In addition to improving my payment history and credit utilization ratio, I also disputed any errors or inaccuracies on my credit report. This process involved sending letters and evidence to the credit bureaus to ensure that my report was completely accurate.

Throughout the 100 days, I monitored my credit score regularly and celebrated each small win along the way. By day 100, my credit score had increased by over 100 points, and I was approved for a new credit card with a low interest rate.

In conclusion, fixing my credit score in 100 days required dedication, hard work, and a commitment to making positive financial decisions. By paying my bills on time, lowering my credit utilization ratio, and disputing errors on my credit report, I was able to achieve my goal and set myself up for a brighter financial future.

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