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Zee Goldstein has twenty years of experience in the credit and collections industry.   She has also worked as an underwriter and most recently as a compliance manager.  

As a result, she has a deep knowledge of the inner working of credit and collections from the business side. But her experience in cleaning credit started with her own when a lender erroneously marked an account in error as delinquent. Zee spent many months cleaning up someone else’s mess which, directly affected her ability to get favorable rates. As a result, her mission has been to prevent these types of errors from effecting good people. 

She brings an empathy to the Credit Road Runner, that competitors simply do not have.     

She wants to help clean your credit and make   sure that reporting agencies do what they need to and report you correctly.

In 2020 she has observed so many errors where creditors have reported incorrectly, and cannot be reached because of limited working staff.   

“It is not acceptable to not be responsible for the damage you do to individual.   Crisis is not an excuse for damaging a person’s ability to obtain credit or even get a job in some cases.”

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