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Better Credit Makes for a Better Life

Credit Roadrunner is a nationwide credit repair and credit counseling company with over 40 years and counting combined experience in the financial services industry. At Credit Roadrunner we understand how hard it can be to take control of your credit situation and what steps might be necessary to get the credit rating you desire and deserve. At Credit Roadrunner credit repair not only do we make the process easy for you but, we inform you along the way because we believe “knowledge is power”.

When it comes to good credit and when it comes to your credit score, it’s this power that will:

  • save you money on interest rates

  • get you approved for that car or home loan

  • save you money on car insurance

  • mean the difference between getting hired for that dream job


Once you decide to let Credit Roadrunner take you on the exciting journey to better credit, we will start disputing negative items from your credit report, disputing incorrect information from your credit report, and disputing credit inquiries you didn’t approve of or should have fallen off your report over time!

Credit Roadrunners credit repair experts are ready to fight for you and any credit situation:

  • identity theft

  • late payments

  • charge-off accounts

  • repossessions

  • foreclosures

  • defaults

  • duplicate accounts

  • incorrect names or aliases

  • incorrect address or employment history

  • items that belong to someone with a similar name

  • business credit showing up on your credit


if it’s negative and on your credit report we will dispute it!

How Credit Roadrunner Credit Repair Works


Call or inquire on our website about our free credit repair consultation. One of our highly trained, dedicated, and knowledgeable credit repair experts will help you obtain your credit report and go over it with you one item at a time. Together with you, Credit Roadrunner will create a plan of action and attack!



Once you decide to use us here at Credit Roadrunner and get started on your way to financial peace of mind, you will feel liberated from the burden of a low credit score. After the initial credit repair consultation, you will then and only then pay $99 to get started! Our service then costs only $99 per month and can be canceled at any time.



Once your first payment is made your account manager will get started on disputing items and start getting negative remarks removed! You will be sent emails with updates as disputes go out to the credit bureaus.



Please be sure to keep us informed and send us copies of every response you receive from companies like Equifax, Transunion, and Experian, so we can move forward and help get your credit score to a place that makes you feel good again!




“Have faith and patience and we will show you results!” The reason why you should use credit repair professionals like Credit Roadrunner is we know how to dispute items one at a time so that your disputes are not rejected as frivolous. We know how to take action if those disputes are ignored and we know how to properly respond and dispute again with the proper reasons and letters to keep trying to remove those negative items.


Last but not least! In the event we can’t get something to be removed and have worked hard exhausting all resources at our disposal we can refer you over to one of our trusted attorneys that will take your case on a contingent basis at no upfront cost to you and try and seek damages in the form of a cash settlement and help to remove the item!

Items We Aim to Remove!
  • Removal of collections from your credit report

  • Removal of mistaken Identity errors from your credit report

  • Removal of late payments from your credit report

  • Removal of business credit reporting from your credit report

  • Removal of charge-offs from your credit report

  • Removal of incorrect address information from your credit report

  • Removal of bankruptcies from your credit report

  • Removal and correction of spelling errors in your name

  • Removal of repossessions from your credit report

  • Removal of foreclosures from your credit report

  • Removal or updates of incorrect financial information

  • Removal of Judgements from your credit report

“Click” on call 844-59-RUN63 / 844597-8663 for a free consultation!

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