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Marty Chapman has been in the banking, lending, and credit and collections industries for nearly 40 years. He has founded many companies that provide services for both consumers and lenders alike. No matter the company, the goal was always to bring top shelf services to his clients and reasonable prices with the best results.   

Marty has relationships with executives of most of the top 100 banks in the country as well as many regional lenders. He is well versed in aspects of credit and collections and understand the little things that go into being successful in the industry. One of these items is facilitating resolutions of distressed debt for both the consumer and the lender.  

With Credit Roadrunner, Marty’s goal is to focus on helping the consumer regain the credit rating they deserve, resolving distressed debt, and making sure everyone is a winner!

“These are tough times, the toughest we have seen in most of our lifetimes. What is there to do but to help each other to navigate through this crisis. Remember, if lenders ruin everyone’s credit because of no fault of their own, both the lender and the consumer will suffer. Is it not better to help each other?”

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